I’ve Got My Eye on You

Well, y’all, today was my official last day of my internship with Texas Weddings Magazine. I must admit, while an unpaid internship is often times less than ideal, I can confidently express that I am walking away from this experience with a greater depth of knowledge in the industry and much stronger writing skills under the leadership of my editor. I am so thankful for every employee in that office; each of them taught me more than they will ever know. Growing up can be bittersweet, and although there were certainly moments when I dreaded the hour long commute and the sometimes monotonous tasks, I know I’ll look back on this time and grin at my first glimpse into the “real world.” Anyways, just wanted to encourage y’all to be on the lookout for my first ever published article! Our summer issue hits stands in Texas on August 7th, but for anyone else wanting to see what I’ve been up to, it’s available online as well!

Now, onto what you’re actually wanting to read. Today’s Beautiful Things features every and all things eyelet! There are few fabrics in the world more suited for summer than eyelet. Why, you ask? Well, it’s cotton, crisp, and, most importantly, breathable, which makes it certainly ideal in this scorching, Southern heat. Though classic white is most often seen when it comes to searching for eyelet material, the textile market has recently offered fashion and design experts an opportunity to play around with it a bit. I’ve discovered quite a few ways this lovely design has been altered in color, shape, and form, and I can’t wait to share it with y’all!

Wedding Cake: The Knot

Invitation: Split Coast Stampers 

Dress: J. Crew

Blouse: Anthropologie

Skirt: Modcloth

Shorts: J. Crew

Wedding Dress: BHLDN

Clutch: Etsy, Graceful Goods

Headband: Etsy, Abbtique


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