Clara & Matt’s Vintage-Inspired Wedding

Oh, gosh. Here I go again, about to blubber about the lovely details in this unbelievably gorgeous Austin-based nuptial. I’m pretty sure this wedding walked straight out of BHLDN, and I for one can not get enough of the classically vintage-inspired look of it all. Clara’s gown is absolutely stunning; it’s one of those dresses where you just know it was made for the bride wearing it. Anyone else (A.K.A. myself) who might even attempt to pull something off in this manner would miserably fail, yet somehow, she pulls it all together in a breathtakingly effortless way. Not to mention she is drop-dead GORGEOUS! And let’s not forget the ladies standing beside her, who look just as amazing in those mismatched bridesmaids dresses. I’m not sure about y’all, but when this little trend emerged for the first time, I was more than skeptical. Perhaps it’s my Southern roots, but I just love tradition, and this happened to be far from it. Now? It has certainly grown on me–even to the point where I’m considering it for my own wedding one day! As always, kudos to the Nichols Photography duo, y’all did an incredible job capturing the sheer joy in this couple’s relationship. Despite the delightful details, nothing compares to the grins from ear-to-ear surrounding Clara and Matt. In my humble opinion, this wedding illustrates the honest and pure beauty of a marriage for all parties involved.


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