I have a slight affection for organizers and planners alike, so with all this talk surrounding the new year, I can’t help but get a little over anxious to purchase my first 2013 calendar. While taking a much-needed break from some monotonous tasks at work today, I came across this darling letterpress set in 1Canoe2’s Etsy shop. According to their tagline, they are based out of a “big red barn in sunny Mid-Missouri,” which (in my opinion) must be just the kind of relaxing place one needs to get those creative juices flowing. As this calendar and their other letterpress goodies illustrate (take note of those recipe cards!), 1Canoe2 is certainly worth perusing in your free time. In fact, I’m pretty set on purchasing this calendar and placing it in my little cube, because it currently lacks any sign of personality. We’re talking four blank, gray walls, my friends. Now, tell me, who feels inspired that? Not this girl.



And here are those cute recipe cards! If only I weren’t living on an intern’s budget…le sigh.




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