I’m completely aware that I’ve been the WORST blogger in the history of bloggers lately, but please oh please forgive me. This past month or so has brought a LOT of change, and, while I would’ve loved to take a moment to blog, there simply was not enough time! Let’s see if I can give y’all a quick recap.

1. Took finals, wrote term papers and tried to enjoy the last few days I had left as a college student.

2. Watched Johnny Manziel win the Heisman (had to!)

3. Interviewed and accepted a offer to work as an Editorial Fellow for the Travel/Home& Garden departments of my favorite magazine. You may have heard of it…Southern Living, anyone?

4.  GRADUATED COLLEGE. Even a month later, I STILL can’t believe that time has come and gone already!

5. Celebrated Christmas and New Years with dear loved ones.

6. Moved 3 states away to Birmingham, AL!

Whew. See what I mean? While I aim to improve my blogging skills from here on out, life continues to grow crazier by the moment. I’ve already learned SO much from this experience, and I’m still in shock that the Lord has blessed me with such an incredible opportunity. From adjusting to full-time employment, to living alone and making new friends, the six days I’ve spent in Birmingham have amazed me more than I can explain, and I’m thrilled to see what lies ahead.

I hope all of you had wonderful holiday celebrations! Sigh, those times sure do seem to fly by quickly, don’t they? Until I can find the time to give legitimate thought to a worthy blog post, how about I show you a view from the window of my new office building? It’s absolutely beautiful here.




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