The Benjamins

Whenever I’m in need of a study break (or I’m just further procrastinating like most others), searching for the latest and greatest, undiscovered band is typically my go-to activity. With graduation so near and my study habits at an all time low, I seem to be doing this quite a bit lately…sorry, mom! This morning I came across a wonderful, Texas-based and Texas-bred folk duo simply too impressive not to share with y’all. The Benjamins‘ sound reminds me a lot of the Civil Wars–acoustic guitar paired alongside hauntingly beautiful voices. Their EP From the Fall is available FOR FREE (you heard me!) on NoiseTrade, so do yourself a grand favor and check ’em out! (Guilty: Considering they perform just a few hours away in Dallas most of the time, I may or may not be looking into future concerts already…)


Now…I suppose it’s time to get back to the seemingly endless mounds of papers I have left to write. Be back in a week or so!



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