I’ve always been fond of the “ampersand,” but if I’m completely honest with y’all, I didn’t find out the proper name for the “&” sign until probably a little over a year ago. Pathetic, I know. Regardless, the typographic variation available for this little symbol has always caught my fancy, and just a few days ago I came across little company and found myself immediately drawn to the adorable name. Ampersandity offers a variety of custom-designed stamps and products modeled after the owner’s (Cathie Hong) hand drawn calligraphy. I love the idea of investing in a few personalized stamps because they offer so much versatility when it comes to paper. Find a few simple stationery sets you love, and bam! Personalized in an instant with the swift stroke of an ink pad and stamp. I’ll certainly have to make the investment in one of these once I’m settled after graduation; however, until then, I’ll just sit here and admire from a distance. Which stamp is your favorite? (Mine’s the dotted business card!)


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