Wine Tasting Party

Lately, I’ve been simply infatuated with wine. I mean, I’ve always loved the illustrious sophistication associated with the drink, but more recently I’ve found myself actually looking forward to partaking in a glass as a way to wind down for the evening. Granted, while my idea of indulgence involves a $10 bottle, some people will argue the best wine is cheap wine–am I right?

With this peaked interest, I’m really wanting to host a wine-tasting soiree for some close friends. Complete with various wines, cheeses, cold meats…you know, the whole sha-bang. I came across these custom wine labels on a blog I love reading (More Design Please), and I think the idea is just too adorable!  While cutesy labels are probably intended for weddings, celebrations and the like, I’m an admittedly “go big or go home” kind of hostess, so I’m all over the idea. What do y’all think? If you’re a fan, feel free to find the labels she created HERE

(If you like what you see, be sure to check out her feature on this edible cookbook. What a creative concept!)

Aside from this, I’m wishing y’all a happy Election Day! If you’re looking for a little encouragement, just remember that regardless of who gains the title of President at today’s end, there’s incredible peace in knowing Jesus Christ will FOREVER reign as King.


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