Hello, November

I hope everyone had a pleasant and safe Halloween last night! Can y’all believe today is November 1? I certainly can’t! While I’m excited we’ve officially entered my favorite time of year, time is a-flyin’ like never before, my friends, and so it seems I’ve let posting for this week nearly slip away without noticing. Admittedly and unashamedly, I’ve been spending my free time away from the computer screen, instead opting for more social activities during the last few months of my collegiate career. Lately, incredible waves of nostalgia for the past three years have invaded my thoughts, so I apologize if I’ve placed this little blog on the back burner.

To celebrate the start of this wonderful time of year, I thought I’d share a few pretty images for the season. Honestly, are there really better months than November and December? I think not. Though several of you may accredit the excitement to Thanksgiving, Christmas and (of course) the climax of football season, I love November and December for so many other reasons. Captivating smells of harvest spices, the crisp autumn air as it transitions into winter, my mama’s signature cooking, cozy sweaters and warm cups of cider… it all just puts a little perk in your step, don’t you agree? What are some of your favorite things about this time of year?


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