Studio SloMo

Oh, do I have a sweet treat in store for y’all on this fine Monday morning! My paper infautation reached new heights upon the discovery of Studio SloMo, a small design firm based in Austin, TX. Perhaps it’s the Lone Star state pride within me, or maybe it’s just my much-proclaimed weakness for letterpress, but regardless of the reason, I simply adore this little company’s work. Combining a feel for vintage aesthetics with unexpected pops of color, Studio SloMo’s approach to paper design produces a twist on traditional letterpress fashion–a twist I think we can all agree is fresh and innovative. In addition to offering a variety of products and services (including everything from wedding suites, to greeting cards, to escort tags and the like), Studio SloMo takes the time to produce eachbeautiful creation by hand and in house using a Vandercook SP-15 press. Now, that’s what I call a true labor of love, y’all! I highly encourage you to take a moment to browse their site when procrastination beckons, and, as always, I hope you have a marvelous Monday!

(Be on the lookout for some inspiration boards in the future! I recently discovered our University computers have the Adobe Creative Suite, and, considering I don’t have it uploaded on my personal computer, I’ve been exploring it a bit!)


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