Kate’s Paper Goods

Happy Monday, all! While I’m sure it goes without saying, some time back home sure did me well. After a weekend of baking, college football, walks with mom and utter relaxation, I’m back, de-stressed and so excited for all that’s in store for this little blog. It’s probably humorous just how much I look forward to writing on here. Usually I’ll take myself out of my humble abode to a nearby coffee shop (well, let’s be honest. It’s normally good ol’ Starbucks), grab a savory drink and start writing whatever fancies me at the moment. You may have noticed I’ve changed my “blogger style” a bit. No longer do I have strict, weekly posts (like”Wedding Wednesday” or “Beautiful Things Thursday”); rather, I’ve started posting the little nuances that strike me each day. Perhaps that condemns me as an inconsistent or flaky blogger, but I prefer to think of it as giving you what I’m honestly enthralled or inspired by, day by day.

For this particular Monday, that inspiration just so happens to be a little Etsy shop called Kate’s Paper Goods. She may not have much in terms of quantity, but it’s hard to deny that there’s such a lovely quality to her work! The moment I noticed she produced a card with the simple phrase “I think you’re swell,” I knew I’d fallen in love and had to share this sweetness with y’all. Aside from producing some beautiful paper, Kate just so happens to runs her own lifestyle blog, where she talks of travel, food, architecture and much more. Be sure to stop by, take a look and enjoy these paper goodies on this beautiful, fall afternoon!

P.S. For those of you hoping for a wedding post–it’s coming soon, I promise!


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