For The Bookworm

Best perk of travelling home for the weekend? The magic that happens in the kitchen when I do. Oh yes, you could say I’m just a little giddy for the delightful dinner menu my mom and I have concocted for tonight. Embracing the recipe gurus that we are, the two of us spent hours scouring Pinterest before finally deciding on trying some avocado hummus and homemade spinach and roasted pepepr pizzas. Pair this with a glass of red wine and some soft molasses cookies for dessert (one of my personal favorites), and I’d say we’ve got quite a delicious evening ahead–wouldn’t you?

Though I’m taking a few days off from the blog to spend some q-time with the family, I knew I couldn’t leave without featuring a special find from the week. Amidst dutifully procrastinating my English paper all week (senioritis is in full swing, y’all), I came across these darling Kate Spade clutches! Oh Kate Spade, do you ever commit a wrong? Now, it’s highly plausible that I’m completely behind the curve with finding these, but if I had $350 to spare, I’d certainly invest in one regardless of how nerdy they seem. I knew it was only a matter of time before the silent English major within me would discover a way to emerge through my style. Alas, these book cover clutches have done the trick.

Mersonal favorite? Pride and Prejudice. Cliche? Perhaps, but come on! Who doesn’t love Austen?


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