Julia’s Poppies

Oh boy….it’s here yet again, y’all: Monday morning. Considering the drastic drop in temperature we’ve experienced the past few days (hey there, fall), I found it exceptionally hard to roll back my warm sheets to force myself up and out of bed today. Does anybody else share a dreadful case of “The Monday’s” this morning? One you can’t even shrug off with a good ol’ cup of jo? Well, you’re in luck my friends, because I’ve found just the remedy to bring a little pep to your step. Yes, y’all know me too well–I’m talking paper ladies and gents!

Julia’s Poppies not only has the loveliest name, but the company epitomizes a splendid use of color, charm and eclectic style within each of their handmade products. According to the head designer (and self-proclaimed hippie) behind this Atlanta-based business, most of the inspiration for her print material is found in local antique shops, the great outdoors and the creative spirit of her late grandmother, Julia. Is that not the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard? I sincerely hope these images bring you some much-needed joy this morning! Happy Monday!


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