Ashton & Jared’s Charming Charleston Wedding

I’ve been in a rather giddy mood since stumbling upon this wedding earlier today, and I’ll shamelessly admit it’s because I’ve actually visited this venue before–that’s never the case! Typically I’m drooling over places I’ll probably only dream of seeing first-hand, but not this time. Over Christmas break last winter, my family and I took a short (but oh so sweet!) trip to the East coast for a little dose of Charleston, SC. Needless to say, the vacation was magnificent, and I’ve been fantacizing about my return ever since. Along the way, we made several stops at plantation houses because yours truly has a minor obsession (okay, maybe it’s a little more than minor…). One of those stops just so happened to be the beautiful Magnolia Plantation, where today’s feature takes place.

Ashton and Jared’s wedding simply oozes vintage, Southern goodness, and I, for one, can not get enough.  The magnificent eye for beauty behind Juliet Elizabeth Photography surely deserves a tip of the ha–she somehow managing to capture every single detail of the day! While I could ramble on and on about how stinkin’ precious their decorations are (I mean, did you SEE that typewriter guestbook?), I think the main reason Ashton and Jared’s wedding stood out to me above so many others is their intimate incorporation of loved ones. Ashton wore her grandmother’s locket during the ceremony, and her best friends hand-picked her flowers that morning at a grocery store. Goodie bags were provided specifically for the young-ins, and the smiling faces of deceased family and friends were honored on display for all to see. If there’s something that stands out about us Southerners, it’s our tender passion for family. This couple realized a wedding day is never solely about an exchange of vows; it is a day worth celebrating the family that blesses them daily. But, enough talking! I’ll let y’all see how touching this sweet gathering is for yourself.

Warning: There’s an excessive amount of photos below–I just couldn’t stop!

Okay, but really…how stunning is this first look?!





One thought on “Ashton & Jared’s Charming Charleston Wedding

  1. Thank you for posting! I am Ashton’s mom so of course I thought it was the most beautiful wedding ever…but I am so glad that you thought it was beautiful too 🙂 She put her heart and soul into it – did ALL the planning herself – and found the most amazing photographer to cature it.

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