So sorry for the shortage on posting, but (to make up for it), I have some truly exciting news today! With a course load of only 10 hours this semester, I have been searching high and low for something to occupy my time before graduation (yikes–so soon!). While I was secretly hoping to find an opportunity that would grant me additional experience in writing, I was open to accepting any possibility thrown my way.

Well, let’s just say I struck gold. Pure gold, y’all. One day, I happened to stumble upon this up and coming magazine, SouthernLeague, and while I originally thought it was an online publication only, I was so delighted to find out they issue a print edition once a year! Without hesitation, I ordered the latest edition, and much to my excitement I received it just a few, short days later.

The magazine itself is absolutely wonderful; it’s loaded with images and articles boasting of the glorious lifestyles we lead in the South. As the true blue college football fan that I am, discovering that the ‘zine dedicates a considerate amount of editorial coverage to SEC football had me squealing like a little girl! Once I had read the publication cover-to-cover, I knew I wanted to be a part of the SouthernLeague family.

I rushed over to my computer and hurriedly pulled up their site, only to find some disappointing news: the deadline to apply for an internship had passed just a few days prior. In trying to remain optimistic, I mustered up the courage to send an email to the Editor-in-Chief proposing an article on visiting the promise land (aka my dear home turf, Aggieland). Though I figured it was a longshot, I thought she might consider allowing a Contributing writer from Texas A&M, especially considering we are the SEC’s new kid on the block.

Much to my surprise, she responded almost immediately with a rather enthusiastic acceptance of my proposal! Once I sent it all in, I was asked just what I’d been hoping for all along….yes, you guessed it! She invited me to join the team at SouthernLeague as a fall editorial intern, writing various pieces on Texas A&M, football and Southern life in general. Le sigh, how could I resist?!

Be sure to support me on my new adventure, and head on over to SouthernLeague to buy a copy of our latest print edition or visit us on our website! Feel free to leave a comment if you have a question–I’d love to answer!

Wishing you a joyful Monday!


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