Kristen & Bryan’s Virginia Beach Nuptials

Oh, goodness. This Virginia Beach wedding is one of the sweetest I’ve come upon in quite some time, and I am so excited to share it with y’all today. I’ve actually never been to Virginia, but from what I hear, it’s indescribably gorgeous. Needless to say, after viewing the photographs from this wedding, I’m highly inclined to book a flight and see for myself!

Kristen’s sincere joy for both her husband and her life make her the picture perfect bride, and I find it incredibly evident that Bryan is absolutely smitten with her because of this. Props must be appropriately awarded to the fabulous Jodi Miller: she couldn’t have done a better job capturing the soft lighting of the day. Doesn’t it just seem like God created it as a pure compliment to the wispy atmosphere this ceremony presents? Yes, the words classic, feminine and lusciously romantic are what come to my mind upon viewing the couple’s sophisticated twist on details at both their ceremony and reception. Pinterest has certainly swayed my original opinions on burlap fabric, because I simply adore the way these two incorporated it in such unexpected places–how rustic and chic! Anyways, take a gander at the images below if you fancy. Hope y’all have a splendid week!


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