Melissa & Richard’s Alabama Wedding at American Village

As many of y’all know, the state of Alabama currently holds a big part of my heart (Ben’s a Bama student for those who weren’t aware!), so when I came across this absolutely breathtaking wedding in Montevallo, I knew I simply had to share it. Let me begin with saying Morgan Trinker is one of my favorite wedding bloggers to peruse–I think she’s just so stinkin’ precious, and as you can tell, she did an incredible job capturing the joy at this celebration. I’m pretty infatuated with just about every detail shown from the day, particularly the stunning ring Melissa now boasts (good job Richard!). In all honestly though, while examining the colonial-style venue, the neutral-colored bridesmaids dresses, the couple’s pictures beneath a rainbow and the string lighting at their reception, I don’t think I stumbled upon one single alteration I would make. Except, perhaps, in wishing I had an invite myself! I also adored the fact that this couple opted to go the traditional route, avoiding the whole “first-look” dilemma. There’s something to be said for tradition, am I right?  Any who, I hope you enjoy these beautiful images. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

PS- What do y’all think of the new blog look? It occurred to me that fall might call for a new color scheme!


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