It’s Almost Gameday, Y’all!

If you’re a Southerner, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when I say I’m hardly able to contain my excitement for this upcoming gameday. While most teams began their season last weekend, Texas A&M’s will start this Saturday against the University of Florida. If realizing that our first game of the season will play host to ESPN’s College GameDay isn’t enough to fuel my anticipation, knowing this game serves as our grand entrance into the big, bad Southeastern Conference certainly helps! I, personally, couldn’t possibly be more thrilled about the opportunity that lies ahead, and after attending the Alabama/Michigan game (Roll Tide!) in Dallas, I’m ready to see what our boys can do.

Aside from the riveting nature of the game itself, college football in the South extends far beyond just cheering on your alma matter. It is a way of talk, a way of dress; simply put, it’s a lifestyle. Books have been published, movies have been made, and spectators from all around the world stand fascinated by the phenomenon that is the Southern football tradition. For pete’s sake, Southern men and women plan their weddings around the SEC football calendar! If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout the years, it’s that gameday style, in particular, requires much thought and attention–after all, Southerners nowadays remain bound to the high standards of their prim and proper ancestors. With this said, I thought I’d do a little feature on game day fashion in the South! Whether you’re yelling “War Eagle,” “Go Dawgs,” “Geaux Tigers,” or “Woo Pig” from the stands, Southern style is Southern style. Now, considering football season spans from the blazing heat of September into the colder months of fall and winter, some of these are intended for warm weather, and others are for keeping warm.
Any who, I plan to do a little feature on each of the schools in the SEC throughout the season, so first up….Texas A&M, of course!



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