Lacey & Taylor’s Cedarwood, Tennesee Wedding

I know it may not be Wednesday, but considering what a shameful poster I’ve been lately, I figured all might possibly be forgiven once I shared this ADORABLE Tennessee wedding. While there’s certainly beauty in each of the hand-crafted details (check out the wedding party photo!), it is the bond tying this couple together that shines in these photographs, making for one gorgeous affair. As their incredibly talented photographer, Kristyn Hogan, writes, “as I watched the day unfold, I found that the joy we were all feeling was so much bigger than that. The joy of their day was in God, bringing two people together to serve Him, to know Him and to find their joy in Him.” Gosh, doesn’t that just make your heart flutter? I pray that one day my marriage reflects the Lord’s love in the exact manner of Lacey and Taylor, and, hey, if I happen to throw a shindig with as many delightful touches as this, I’d be just fine and dandy with that! And will you look at that DRESS?! Sigh.



One thought on “Lacey & Taylor’s Cedarwood, Tennesee Wedding

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