Timeless Paper

Hello there friends! Well, I’m back, and (needless to say) I’m beyond exhausted. Who knew clapping, singing and small talk could prove so exhausting? Whew. With recruitment now behind me, it’s now time to look ahead to the obstacle of tomorrow: my last official first day of school…ever!  It’s a bit crazy how quickly time flies, but despite needing to catch up on some much needed rest, I must admit I’ve honestly missed this little blog. In honor of my return after a rather lengthy two weeks, I’m really excited to share this spectacular paper company. Some of you may have seen laser cut outs trending recently within the industry, and I for one am absolutely, positively obsessed with the look and feel of it all. There is something so striking about the laser cut design, and while these details tend to get a bit pricey, I’m convinced it is one of the most impressive elements one can include in a save the date or wedding invitation. Timeless Paper has an excellent collection that I highly recommend you check out!


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