Sam and Mallory’s Fort Worth Wedding

Hello there y’all! I’m back (temporarily) to bring you an extra special post for Wedding Wednesday as I sit here in my bed, resting up for the remaining days of recruitment. Who knew clapping, singing and small talk could prove so exhausting? Whew! Anyways, I’ve missed this little blog, and I’m really excited to share this spectacular Fort Worth wedding with you. Jess Barfield Photography surely captured the sweet romance of the day, and from the tears of joy spilling down from the eyes of bride’s father to the laughter among the bridal party, this wedding exudes nothing short of pure love. This couple resembles everything I adore about weddings in general; their big day is an honest celebration of love and a true profession of faith. Hopefully y’all find it just as darling as I, and hopefully it tides you over until this gal has a little more free time for some consistent posting!


2 thoughts on “Sam and Mallory’s Fort Worth Wedding

  1. I really enjoyed looking at the pics in this post. I am in central Florida and summer weddings here are always so hot and humid. The photo of the 3 kids in their suits playing croquet is fantastic. Thanks for sharing your work.

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