Infatuated with Ikat

Whew! This past week has flown by in a hurry, and I’m not at all ready for the busy ones to come. Tell me, when did summertime vanish into thin air?! Sorority recruitment preparation is in full blast, so my days are now filled with sorting through information, meeting with alumni and and getting every outfit in order for the last time. It’s a lot of work, and many girls will complain, but I’ve honestly never minded it much. Everything seems worth the time we put in as soon as bid day arrives, when we have the chance to welcome an entire group of young girls into the sisterhood that has blessed me immensely. Yep, despite spending my last weeks of summer cooped up with paperwork, I’m definitely going to miss this next fall.

With that small sob story out of the way, I think it’s high time I introduce today’s Beautiful Things, wouldn’t you say? Now, either you don’t get out much or you know exactly what I’m talking about when I profess my infatuation with the intricate pattern known as ikat. Originating from the Central and South American regions, this woven fabric has fit right into the worlds of fashion and design, and it didn’t take long until it gradually inched its way into my heart. The first time I made the “ikat pluge,” I purchased a simple cotton tee from a local boutique. Though not necessarily overly bold or too out there, this tee stood out in my self-proclaimed, simplistic wardrobe like a mom at a high school party–to the point where I KNEW I couldn’t have enough of it. Since that moment, I’ve never looked back, and my somewhat drab wardrobe has received a much needed facelift. Thanks to you, ikat.

Dress: Anthropologie

Swim Suit: J. Crew

Scarf: Francesca’s Collection

Pillow: Pottery Barn

Chair: Urban Outfitters

Shoe: Far Fetch

Clutch: Etsy Shop, BagBoy

Shirt: ASOS

Card: Etsy Shop, WildInkPress


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