Seeing Spots

I’ve long adored the feminine mystique behind polka dots. In my mind, they have always seemed so classic, reminding me of the simpler times that seemed to occupy the 1950’s decade. Now, some of y’all may be wondering why polka dots are, in fact, called polka dots (after all, it is somewhat of a strange and curious name when you stop and think about it), so I did a little research to find out for myself. Apparently, the word “polka” was merely added to the name because the most popular dance at the time was…you named it! The polka. Here’s another little known fact for you: this now widely fashion forward design was traditionally used solely for Flamingo dancers and performers until around the late 1980’s-1990’s.

Anyways, today’s “Beautiful Things” is composed of all things polka dot. Needless to say, I’m loving each and every one of these items, and I’m fairly certain that if it were the least bit socially acceptable, my wardrobe would most be composed of just two things: colored skirts and polka dot blouses. Lucky for me, my favorite pattern is all over both the fashion and design worlds (with J. Crew taking it by storm, nonetheless!)

Blouse: Net-a-Porter (Marc Jacobs)

Pillow: Etsy (Lily Loves Shopping)

Sweater: J. Crew

Scarf: The Limited

Vase: 79 Ideas

Earrings: Etsy (Strawberry Universe)

Jeans: Anthropologie

Dress: Nasty Gal Shop


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