Ashley & Stewart’s Texas Wedding

Okay, yet again here I am apologizing for the tardiness on this post, BUT I promise it’s for a good reason! My parents recently moved (although just down the road), so we have all been pitching in time to help them transition into the new house. It has been one of the most exhausting weeks thus far, so my energy level hasn’t completely been up enough to even consider blogging. Luckily, I’m back now!

(Or Thursday!)

I came upon this wedding by Sarah Kate Photography a few days ago while perusing trends for work, and I just about died! Not only is does it hail from my one and only home state, but it is also chock full of shabby chic details that make it truly unique. I adore Ashley’s exquisite eye for feminine touches, and I love the way these two obviously put so much time and thought into making this special day their own in every way. Against the ceremony’s gorgeous green backdrop, their chosen neutral palette really pops, which made for some excellent photographs (as you can see!). I can’t even begin to list what I love at my wedding, but just to name a few: her monogram boots, their lace table runner, the vintage Rolls Royce, the plantation style venue, and about a million more! I’ll stop gushing though, and I’ll let y’all witness the beauty for yourself!


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