Karly & Stephen’s Oklahoma City Barn Wedding

Oh. My. Word. Y’all. I’m so excited for this week’s Wedding Wednesday because it is going to absolutely blow your mind! EE Photography in Dallas, TX did an excellent job of capturing every single detail, so don’t be surprised when there is an abundant of pictures below–I just couldn’t stop! I look at weddings every single day as a part of my job at Texas Weddings Magazine, but I don’t know that I have ever seen one I’ve enjoyed looking at more than this. Karly’s dress is absolutely breathtaking; it’s simple yet feminine to perfection. I hope y’all fall in love with this wedding as much as I!


11 thoughts on “Karly & Stephen’s Oklahoma City Barn Wedding

    • Hello ladies who are inquiring of this weddings location. This venue is the Rosebrook Vineyards here in Moore, Oklahoma. This venue is very gorgeous. I will be having my wedding here next September. There packages start off at 7000. Yes very steep. But I have found it very hard to find a place suitable for the theme I am going with. Hope this helps.

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