A Nod to Neon

Neon has once again stormed into the runways of high fashion and into this week’s Beautiful Things Thursday, but don’t worry, neon 2.0 isn’t a child of those unforgettable 1980’s warmups. No, these brilliant colors have pushed past trendy waters with plans to stay as a classic staple for years to come, and I, for one, am loving it. There’s hardly anything else that utters summertime more (except maybe bright white and seersucker!), and I find it pairs oh so nicely with the neutrals that presently occupy a large part of my closet space. For those of you who look at this post with heavy hesitation, don’t turn away from the idea just yet. The trick to wearing neon? Keep it simple. Small amounts of an electric yellow or a tangerine orange are all you need to get heads turning for all the right reasons! So the next time an extraordinarily vibrant necklace catches your eye, take the plunge and give neon a second chance. I promise, you won’t regret it!

Plates: Etsy Shop, Wind and Willow Home

Clutch: Tobi

Nailpolish: Essie

Skirt: Lulu’s 

Running Shoes: Footlocker

Maxi Dress: Neiman Marcus

Marc Jacobs Tote: Nordstrom

Watch: ShopBop

P.S.- Check out my post for Texas Weddings Magazine‘s Style Guide on using Neon in your wedding!


2 thoughts on “A Nod to Neon

  1. I don’t know anything about blogs, but this is awesome! Love Neon, love you 🙂 Also, check out Francesca’s, they have cute neon stuff!

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