Julia & Jarrett’s Fayetteville Wedding

I am so excited to post this wedding–it’s absolutely beautiful! I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Fayetteville, AR a few times, and when I saw the wedding took place here, I knew it would be wonderful. Set in a romantic barn just outside of the city, these two lovebirds promised their love in front of their family and friends and held quite the party afterwards–complete with a ruffled pink cake, mason jars, pink lemonade and much more Southern goodness! Their love for the Lord is so evident, and though I don’t know them, I wish them so much happiness. Hope y’all enjoy!

I’ve always been a fan of mix and match bridesmaid dresses, so these make me swoon!

These moments alone with your bridesmaids and best friends are so special

They opted for a first look, and while there are some great pictures that came of  it, I’m still not sure how I feel about breaking tradition.

Her cute little red heels are the perfect compliment to the rustic barn

Look at this luscious bouquet, and that darling, burlap bouquet wrap!

Now, seriously, how beautiful is this barn?

These details just MAKE this wedding all the more delightful! It is always so exciting to see how each bride and groom makes their big day unique.

Ahhh, and it just gets better with the mason jars.

This may just be the perfect cake: pink, ruffled and flowered.

And it’s Bon Voyage to the happy couple!


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