Day Zero.

The other day while browsing one of the many blogs I frequent often, I noticed a post entitled “Day Zero,” and it sparked my interest. After reading the post, I knew I had to join the movement for the Day Zero Project. What is the Day Zero Project, you ask? Good question!

Essentially, this is a goal-setting and, hopefully, a goal-accomplishing project. Unlike a promise with a somewhat short-term deadline, such as a New Year’s resolution, this particular plan asks you to come up with 101 goals you honestly believe you can complete in 1001 days (which is about 2.75 years). While the number 101 is a tad daunting, I can’t help but think this is worth a try. Without the pressure of feeling like I absolutely must accomplish something every single day or the world is over, this offers me flexibility in a way other plans don’t, and I’m excited to try it out!

I’ve posted my list below, with the intention of bolding ones I have finished and italicizing ones I am in the process of finishing. Take a look at my list and feel free to create your own!

Begin: Tomorrow, June 27, 2012

End: March 25, 2015

To Live a Little:

  1. Get a passport
  2. Go to Europe
  3. Move outside of Texas
  4. Get my own place
  5. Win a costume contest
  6. Watch the sunrise
  7. Visit a flea market/garage sale
  8. Plan a party from start to finish
  9. Take an unplanned roadtrip
  10. Go camping
  11. Surprise someone
  12. Go berry picking
  13. Take an underwater photo
  14. Go rock climbing
  15. Learn how to shoot a gun
  16. Take a swing dancing lesson
  17. Take a pottery class
  18. Go skydiving
  19. Ride on a sailboat
  20. Catch a fish
  21. Host a holiday cookie swap
  22. Go a to a major music festival
  23. Have a picnic
  24. Learn how to play poker
  25. Partake in a flash mob
  26. Carve a pumpkin
  27. Sing karaoke

To Give Back:

  1. Leave an inspirational letter for someone to find
  2. Give my testimony in public
  3.  Send a hand-written letter every month for a year
  4. Participate in a dance marathon
  5. Donate my hair
  6. Pay for the meal of someone behind me in line at a restaurant
  7. Donate clothes I no longer wear
  8. Send a care package to someone who needs it
  9. Adopt a child at Christmas
  10. Take my parents to dinner and pay

To Spark Creativity:

  1. Read a biography of someone I admire
  2. Take one photo every day for a month
  3.  Write a cookbook
  4. Restore a piece of furniture
  5. Learn how to use an SLR camera
  6. Learn how to use Photoshop properly
  7. Make an inspiration board
  8. Complete at least 5 crafts from Pinterest
  9. Make an original recipe

To Self-Improve:

  1. Take a yoga or Pilates class regularly
  2. Join a regular Bible study
  3. Run a half-marathon
  4. Put away at least $5 every week for 2 years.
  5. Learn how to change a tire
  6. Play a sport I’ve never played
  7. Learn to French braid
  8.  Go to bed before 11 p.m. for 2 weeks
  9. Wake up at 6 a.m. for 2 weeks
  10. Drink eight glasses of water every day for 2 weeks
  11. Create a budget and stick to it
  12. Try a spinning class
  13. Complete insanity
  14. Go a month without coffee
  15. Go a day without any technology
  16. Read a new book outside of assigned readings every month for a year.
  17. Memorize a new verse every month for a year
  18. Learn to sew something
  19. Learn to drive manual transmission
  20. Get a new driver’s license and memorize the number
  21. Take a golf class
  22. Go a week without sugar
  23. Join a gym after graduation
  24. Attend the Passion Conference in Atlanta

To Become Cultured:

  1. Go to a winery
  2. Go to a show at a musical theatre
  3. Complete a painting class
  4. Take a cooking class
  5. Keep up with French and use it conversationally with someone
  6. Attend a horse race
  7. Watch 10 classic, black-and-white films
  8. Try 5 new foods
  9. Watch a foreign film

To Embrace Professionalism:

  1. Make my own business cards
  2. Graduate December 2012
  3. Get a full time job
  4. Create an online portfolio
  5. Produce published work
  6. Attend a conference/seminar on writing or photography
  7. Submit an essay to a contest
  8. Get paid to freelance something
  9. Take a course on InDesign
  10. Visit the career center at A&M and complete a mock interview
  11. Blog daily for a month
  12. Apply for a credit card and use it responsibly

To Save Up For:

  1. A new purse
  2. A crock pot
  3.  A lottery ticket
  4. A hammock
  5. A DSLR camera
  6. An iPad
  7. A bicycle
  8. A puppy
  9. New running shoes
  10. A personal stationary
Well, there it is! I hope you guys check back and keep me accountable!

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