Malloree and Jordan’s Georgia Wedding

Yep, it’s that time again, ladies and gents. This week I have a gorgeous Southern wedding for you, coming from the talented photographers over at The Reason I Love. Malloree and Jordan seem so comfortable with one another, and I honestly wish I knew them myself. From her stunningly fitted lace dress to the intricate details at the reception, these two know how to throw a beautiful event that’s for sure! Now, let’s let these pictures speak for themselves.

I love her expression here, and do you see what I mean about this gown?! Fabulous.

I’ve always been a fan of neutral bridesmaids dresses. They blend so well, and they really make bouquets pop!

I think this moment of prayer is so beautifully captured.

“Here Comes the Bride” signs for the ring bearers have become a huge trend lately, and I for one love them!

Look at these two just beaming!

Cupcakes are certainly another up-and-coming trend in weddings, particuarly in lieu of the groom’s cake.

Hopefully you enjoyed this wedding as much as I did. What are your thoughts on these wedding trends I mentioned?


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